Understanding Tree Topping

Tree topping is one of the options that are used when trimming trees. In this case, the height of the tree is reduced, significantly. This can either be done by cutting off the large limbs or even cutting down the tree trunk. This is an advanced form of pruning trees like what Wichita Trees have been using and it can only be done by certified arborists in order to achieve the intended purpose. Unfortunately, most people do not understand what tree topping entails and there are so many misconceptions around the procedure.

Not the Best Option

While some tree companies may advocate for tree topping, this is not always the best option when it comes to proper tree care. This should be the last resort, when all the other options have been tried out. You will realize that the mess of the trees will be reduced in the process and the overall beauty of the tree is affected. The truth of the matter is that the overall health of the tree is drastically affected. As such you should not opt for topping, if there are other options to handle the tree.

Causes Imbalance

If there is a tree that is at the risk of falling, topping is the not the solution. Some people tend to assume that this would be the ideal way to prevent the tree from falling. However, when a larger part of the tree is cut off, it will cause some form of imbalance. The weight of the tree is not evenly distributed, which will make it unbalanced. At first it may appear as if the issue of the tree falling has been resolved, but after a while it will come down falling. The tree becomes weaker since an integral part is taken away, and ultimately, it may end up falling.

When to Use Tree Topping

As mentioned topping is part of the pruning or trimming process. However, this is quite dangerous and you should not attempt it on your own. This should be the very last solution to be applied after exhaustion of all the other options. During the process, the parts being cut down may fall on your property or on people who are nearby. If you really have to use tree topping, you should talk to a certified arborist like in Wichita KS, who will advise on the way to go about it. Even if it appears like it is an emergency, you should not top the tree on your own, as it will may cause more harm than good.

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