How to Deal with a Dead Tree

Seeing a tree that you have had, in your yard for a couple of years dead, can be quite painful. When the overall beauty of the tree starts to fade away, you will need to take action as the tree becomes a great threat to your safety. As much as it is heartbreaking, it would be better to take preventative measures. In most cases, the solution would be tree removal, but it would be best to have a professional arborist take a look at the dead tree. A tree that is dead is quite unstable and it can fall down anytime.

Cutting down Dead Trees

Tree removal is the absolute solution to trees that are rotting and withering away. If it is a tree that has been growing for a number of years, it means that the process of removal will be more complex. Such huge trees can weigh over 3000 pounds, which would cause serious damage if it fell. Should the damage affect your property, then you would need to foot the bill for the repairs. As such, you need to move with speed to find a qualified arborist to cut down dead trees. This one of the ways through which you can mitigate the huge risk.

Is the Tree Really Dead?

There are different stages that trees may go through and some can be quite confusing. You may notice that your trees have shed all the leaves and this appears as if it is dead, but it may not be the case. In the event that you are not sure, it is important to have an expert opinion from a reputable arborist. Have them inspect the tree so as to make a determination if it is dead or not. If only parts of the tree are affected by pests and diseases, then the parts can have a tree trimming and this will breathe a new lease of life in the trees.

When Do Dead Trees Fall?

Sadly, this is a matter of time and chance as you cannot tell how long it would take for a dead tree to fall. It could be a matter of days, month or even years and since you cannot be too sure, you should take measures to have the tree removed before it falls. When there is a storm, this may trigger the falling of the tree. The best thing is to be safe than to be sorry; hire a professional for tree removal.


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